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Welcome to scorpios_lair, a community run by mature aged Scorpios for mature aged Scorpios. We believe that to be Scorpio is to be given a great honour by the universe - we are the wisest, and yet the most ruthless of all. We have great capacity for love, as well as for hate, for revenge, and for loyalty. We can sting like the Scorpion or fly like the eagle, and we are as diverse as the rest of the world around us. No two Scorpios are exactly alike. We welcome diversity here, providing you also embrace it. A closeminded Scorpio is a law unto themselves, and therefore doesn't need to be part of a community.

Please respect us by abiding by the following guidelines.

1. You must be a Scorpio - not just have aspects of it in your chart.
2. You must be over 21.
3. This community is for mature, philosophical discussions about all things Scorpio, and there are limitations to how much about certain topics myself and the facilitators will tolerate. These are outlined below.
4. I appreciate the tempestuous nature of Scorpios - but no attacking others without provocation please.
5. When you join, please introduce yourself (include your name and age). We like to know who we're talking to.
6. If you plug a community ahnd you're not an active member, be prepared for retribution.
7. Please for the love of god, write succinctly and attempt to use correct sentence structure!
8. Daily/weekly/monthly horoscope postings are encouraged. I personally read and post a lot from Jonathan Cainer, Milton Black and Yasmin Boland - but I appreciate that it's important to read different points of view. So feel free!

Topics we have a low tolerance for:

1. Sex and only sex. Look, I appreciate that we're gods and goddesses of the astro-bedroom, but please appreciate that it's not everything that we are about. Being a Scorpio is about PASSION. Passion for life, for truth, for everything. Too often is this misconstrued as being sexual. I'm not a prude - I'm just sick to death of hearing about that and nothing else. I'm fine with the topic being raised (if you'll excuse the pun), but if it becomes the main topic of conversation, it will end.

2. Compatibility. If you're going to speak about compatibility, please understand that it's an entire chart that makes us compatible with another, not just our sun sign. Please don't make assumptions about particular signs - some people in the community might be soulmates with a Libran. So don't come in all guns blazing and announce that Scorpios aren't compatible with Librans. Unless you've interviewed every Scorpio in the world, you really have nothing to base that on. Tell us who YOU PERSONALLY get on with - but don't assume that everyone follows suit. I personally don't like Librans. But that's another story.

3. While we're on the topic of assumptions - please don't assume ANYTHING about the members of this community. We're all for personal opinions - but many people will resent you if you presume to know more than they do. This also goes for you if you have your sun, moon, neptune, venus, mars and god knows what else in Scorpio. We're happy for you. We are. But it doesn't neccesarily make you any more or less of a Scorpio than the rest of us. Watch how you word things.

4. The age limit is there for a reason. If you insult me by challenging it, you will be banned. Go and join scorpio_teens for crying out loud. I don't care how mature you are. If I make an exception for one person, then I make them for the rest. If you lie about your age, then you're being dishonest from the beginning and if you are found out, you will be banned anyhow. It's really not worth it. Yes I respect the fact that many 25 year olds are just as immature. Believe me - if any demeaning, immature behaviour happens here (and that includes asking people to cyber, remove any articles of clothing etc., picking fights for the sake of it), offenders will be removed instantaneously.

5. If you're going to post anything over 3 paragraphs long, or any photos/pictures etc. (and I mean ANY), then PLEASE place them under an LJ cut tag. If you don't know what this is - go to the LJ FAQ and find out.

That's about it. Please don't let this put you off, we'll probably love you!! Just use it as a guide to behaviour in the community. Many of us have been burned by all of the above and we wanted a place where we didn't have to worry about this. Yes we're specific - but if you don't like it - go and start your own community. You wouldn't be the first.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or leave a message in my journal.

Moderator: jazzgoddess
Facilitators: dea_aniada, waywardpixie, quara.

The facilitators are here to keep discussion flowing, and to control topics and fights. Please respect them.

Enjoy scorpios_lair