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apparently 2006 was the year for career for scorps..
well i think it's a crock b/c well, i've just got let go from my job - i wasn't up to snuff apparently.
how are other scorps doing in the career field? what are your chosen professions?
i'm a teacher and not liking it too much but really enjoying supplying that much more. :)
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Hi, I was born on Nov. 1st (All Saints Day) and, as such, have repeatedly had the pleasure of having been wished a happy birthday whilst attending a commemoration ceremony on our local graveyard - talk about the circle of life. ;) I'm 31 years old, work as a scientist and am a rebel in my heart.


I'd never heard of this community 'til an hour or so ago, an I'm curious.

I was born on November 12, 1966 in Gadsden, Alabama, US. My Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune are in Scorpio. My rising sign is Taurus.

My daughter is another Scorpio - Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto, Capricorn rising.

Very few people guess that we're Scorpios, due to the assumption that Scorpios are dramatic or over the top. We're quieter than what they imagine we "should be." There do seem to be an unusual number of Scorpios in both of our social circles.

I don't know what else to say, as I've pretty much exhausted my store of astrological knowledge now. I find it fun to think about, but I don't live my life by it.
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Hello.  I'm new here, but certainly a Scorpio.

EDIT:  I'm 25.  I was born on 24 October. 

All this intensity in one

This could be the best of times and the worst of times.

Because if the lot of you are anything like me...

P.S.  I often have a tendency to micromanage the future and analyze everything to death.  

P.P.S.  Something tells me I'll be understood in this community.
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Introduction Post...

Good morning.

I've had my LJ for about three years. I came across the community yesterday while in one of my darker moods and HAD to join.

Most of the people I know don't buy into the whole zodiac thing, but I've always been VERY proud of being a Scorpio. I think it's going to be wonderful to be a part of a comm of people who agree.

~Mysse (26), November 20th
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I wanted to take a poll, because I found something rather interesting and I wanted to see if it holds true for anyone else. I have a good friend, who not only is a scorpio as I am, but also shares the same moon sign as myself, and I found out the other day we both have the peculiar habit of when we eat an apple, we eat the whole thing, even the core. I mean the only thing left is the stem, we eat the seeds, and sometimes even that green thing at the bottom. I remember throughout my life having classmates and such think it as rather strange, but I always did it. My friend suggested something that didn't occur to me that perhaps it is not just a coincidence, but part of the "all or nothing" mentality scorpios so famously have. So I was wondering... Are we alone here, or do you do it too???
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The best quality of Scorpio is resourcefulness. The worst quality is the ability to cause trouble. A key phrase is "I desire." Intensity is the principal personality trait of Scorpio. Whatever career or vocational interests you pursue, you do it with tremendous force. The strength of desire is seen in every serious effort a Scorpio makes. You are proud, and can become the nemesis of anyone who insults you.

The Scorpio mental process is meditative. You can take a set of data and ponder it, penetrating the surface evidence to find the deeper meaning. You can cope with difficult and disagreeable tasks because you understand that such tasks will eventually be completed and you will return to the center of your life’s current none the worse for the effort, and perhaps stronger for the experience of surviving under pressure.

Secretive and intense, Scorpio’s temperament is sometimes difficult to tolerate. These very qualities, however, are part of the magnetism that draws people to you. The intensity can be expressed through healing or destructive energy, and only the Scorpio can determine which way you will go. Probably no sign indicates a stronger will. Personal experience teaches the Scorpio how to direct that will.

Scorpios often are rather reserved. You are unyielding to the sorts of pressure that work well with other signs, and often do well in careers where independent action is encouraged. Your ability to focus on a single task and put all your energy into it is often seem as skillful. You are often respected for your determination, but perhaps not loved, as you are not manipulators of gentle energies.

No one can exert the pressure that Scorpio can. You make devoted friends who will tell the truth boldly. When you lie, the lies are equally bold, and it may not be possible to tell the difference. The trained Scorpio mind seldom has to resort to a lie, as the truth is seen as a much stronger weapon. Desire lies at the root of all Scorpio action.
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i don't know about you, but this has been one hellish week
full of drama and way too much demands
and well, premier fitness sucks monkey balls
i hate it and i want to leave and i can't b/c they won't give me a refund ~ c---suckers

anyone else have a crazyass week besides me???
just checking to make sure it's not hormones or something

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new here, so here goes..
my name is DENAELENA but i like to be called Lena.
i am 40 just, november 18..(ugh)
live in the uk, careful owner of one scorpio daughter aged 17..
divorced, currently with a female partner.
not sure what else to say will come with time i guess...ok stop snickering!
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You're a visionary and a progressive today, dear Scorpio, despite what people say about Scorpio's tendency to be conservative. You could easily come up with an effective way to help people. For some reason, practical problems are easy for you to solve. Don't pay any attention to the idle and ineffective chatter of intellectuals.