tallow19 (tallow19) wrote in scorpios_lair,

this month feels miserable.. is it just me or all scorps???
i'm having probs with my bf.... i noticed that condoms were being used when i wasn't around.. i jumped the gun and assumed he was cheating because i had other doubts about him.. the important of our relationship and me as a prioritiy..
he said he uses them to self-pleasure
I don't believe that.
i don't think its common practice.
and most don't think it is either.
his excuse - easy clean up.. doesn't have a shower always available. but i don't buy it.. would you?

I asked a mutual friend - he said he would be suspicious.. but when he found out who it was.. he said your bf is just quirky that way.
just asking b/c i know how us scorps are!!!
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