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Awwww. Did someone get their wittle feelings hurt?



Too bad this thread is closed, because I could give this person a piece of a very dark and angry mind, right now (I'm angry at other people, but she'd make a very nice target).

Maybe you got dumped and stomped into the concrete and real estate because of your infantile spelling and silly propensity for Internet 'yelling'? Just a thought.

Then you've got these brain trust geniuses:


And even better:

"SCORPIO ( Oct. 23-Nov. 21 ) When Mars enters your House of Love on or near the... Hey! Wait a minute, what am I telling you for? You don't believe in horoscopes! You're a Scorpio! I hate Scorpios! Running around having sex and flaunting that "hornier than thou" attitude all the time! Kiss my butt you skagged out pinheads! What? Do I work for you or something? Why don't you go read Sidney Omar you cocksure, no good, bravado filled morons??!!?? You know, I've got a friend named Stan. He's a Scorpio and the next time I see him I'm going to stick my fist in his stinking face!!! Scorpios? Don't get me started..."

"I hate Scorpios, they are the worst thing i have ever met. In my teenage days i had a Scorpio friend and she was very unplaesant. And then i had a Scorpio boyfreind and he hurt me so deeply that i can hardly believe that a Scorpio can be passionate and faithfull."

"Now i easily identify the persons who are Scorpios and i just leave them. But one thing that i never understood is why Scorpios want laways to hurt???"

"Scorpios are very bad people...especially MEN!.....they are argumentative, manipulative, vindictive, and love to play nasty games to win. They can be your bestfriend or worst nightmare. STAY AWAY FROM SCORPIO MEN! I hope they all sting themselves and die!"

- from a true sagittarius-

"Scorpios are the only people who talk incessantly about their zodiac sign. It is, after all, a scorpion, which looks wicked as the abdominal tattoo most Scorpios get in their twenties. Their general snobbishness toward the other signs means nobody likes Scorpios—even astrologers hate them. An everyday newspaper horoscope for a Scorpio, in fact, will predict bladder malfunctions or lengthy bouts of unemployment."

"Sometimes the horoscope will cut straight to out-and-out name-calling. “Ham-juggler” is popular."

"People are always failing in love with Scorpios because they think they have hidden depths. They don't. 'They are just terribly self-centered, which makes them seem subtle and mysterious. They feel the world owes them unlimited goodies, in return for which they owe the world only their cool, inscrutable presence. The only Scorpios of record ever to lose their heads were Charles I and Marie Antoinette (people can get pretty fed up with a Scorpio)."

"Scorpio people should marry each other. They deserve it. Goebbels was a Scorpio. They bite the hand that feeds them and any other hands they can reach. Scorpios are spiteful and bide their time. They believe in the two-eyes-for-an-eye kind of vengeance. Their talent for verbal cruelty is without peer in the zodiac, and their sexual irresponsibility is admitted even by the writers of horoscopes for Sunday newspapers. The only safe Scorpio is a Scorpio far, far from his fellowman: Captain James Cook in the Pacific, Daniel Boone in the wilderness or Dostoevski in Siberia."

Is EVERYBODY jealous and afraid of us?!

The Month of Mar Chesvan : Scorpio
The astrological month of Scorpio, or as it is called in Hebrew Mar-Cheshvan (Bitter Cheshvan), is the Left column water sign, and is ruled by the plant Mars (Ma’adim) and Pluto.

The Book of Formation speaks of seven planets in the solar system. In the last century, three more planets were revealed and as a result, Pluto has been found to bear influence on the sign of Scorpio.

All water signs are emotional, but Scorpions are particularly irrational when it comes to their emotions. They go to extremes, in both positive and negative respects. There is only black and white in the world of the Scorpion; no gray areas. If you are not their friend, then you are by default their enemy, and you will most definitely be treated that way.

As the Left Column of the water signs, Scorpios have a tremendous desire for power and control, and seek these measures at any cost. They do not waver, they do not falter, and they stay their course with total determination and strength, which can sometimes result in unnecessary force and violence. Mars, which rules the month of Scorpio, is the planet and Greek god of war, which makes all Scorpios warriors who have the drive to eliminate their enemy no matter what toll it takes on anyone else.

Pluto rules life and death, as well as the power and energy of the seed, which at best manifests itself as new life. It also gives Scorpios deep sexual desires that are rooted in the compulsion to propagate the human race. In their efforts to “be fruitful and multiply,” Scorpios can go so far as to damage their reproductive and sexual organs, leading to impotency, infertility, and cancer.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means that they do not like change and want to harness total control over their lives and the lives of those around them. Their greatest fear is to lose control.

In the Scorpio world of extremes, love is everything. If they feel their love is not reciprocated, this love can turn into hate. It is very difficult for Scorpios to forgive and forget. The typical Scorpio will not rest until he has his revenge on the friend that betrayed him and let him down. This is the hardest Tikun (correction) of Scorpions - to find the Central Column, control the urge to avenge, and to live, love and let go.

Mar-Cheshvan, as the month is formally known, in Hebrew means bitter Cheshvan. However, it can be transformed into Ram Cheshvan (elevated Cheshvan). Our job throughout the month is to transform that which is bitter into sweet, that which is lowly to lofty. It takes a strong consciousness and self-control to achieve this transformation. It is not easy to make the dark forces completely white.

Scorpions are very good businesspeople. They like money because it gives them control and power. They are very good politicians, doctors, physiologists, astrologers, and financiers. They have a very powerful metaphysical ability and intuition, very strong mystical and spiritual powers. If a Scorpio chooses the “wrong path”, they can be the most lethal and ruthless members of the Mafia.

The Great Deluge took place in the month of Cheshvan. Noah’s generation was very corrupt and God saw no other way but to destroy it completely with the flood. Only Noah, his family, and a pair of all of Earth’s creatures remained alive because of the protection provided by the Ark.

Cheshvan tends to be a cumbersome month of negative energy. It is one of the only months lacking in holidays, which makes it a good time to focus on the patterns in which we have fallen, the ill feelings we harbor, and the grudges that we still bear.

If we overcome the natural tendency toward revenge, toward taking the law in our hands, toward giving people what they “deserve”, and stick to revealing more Light in the world, we can hope to survive this tenuous month. As Rav Berg says, the war against the darkness is not fought with guns and artillery but by lighting as many candles as possible. The more Light we bring to the world, the more darkness we eradicate, for darkness cannot exist where there is Light.

And this one? Man, I just want to hurt him.:
"Scorpios are ANNOYING. No, don't take it from me, just meet one. You'll see. They are backstabbing, lying, annoying people with jello for brains. They usually believe in a lot of nonsense like ALL of the occult (not just some of the proven stuff or astrology which could very likely be nonsense) and like martial arts and other warlike, aggressive, terrible things. They are sooo NOT sex gods, in fact, they are more like sex shrimp. Little people craving sweet, romantic, pansy-ass crap and unjustifiably calling themselves love gods. Yeah right! Now, we Sagittarians love sex, and we like it rough, unlike these weenies...so give one of us a call, babeh!"
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