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Introduction Post...

Good morning.

I've had my LJ for about three years. I came across the community yesterday while in one of my darker moods and HAD to join.

Most of the people I know don't buy into the whole zodiac thing, but I've always been VERY proud of being a Scorpio. I think it's going to be wonderful to be a part of a comm of people who agree.

~Mysse (26), November 20th
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Welcome! Where do you live? You might be around some people in this community.. :)
I live in Hampton Roads. :)
I wish that meant something to me. I'm in Long Island, and have no idea where you are .. Hampton Roads? I guess at least that it's in the US :)
Southern Virginia - sorry. :)
Drats :)
Well, welcome to the community!
You can also check out 'scorpios' -- it's a little more active than this community.
*grins* I just joined. :)

Icon love by the way - very appropriate. :)
Hmm? My icon is very appropriate? Why is that?
Scorpios (at least me) tend to see everything in black and white.


The game of go may indeed be a very good game for Scorpios. While there are two colors, black and white, the possibilities are endless on the board. Talk about shades of gray.

It's also a game about control of territory, control of the opponent, control of the influence of the stones on the board.
Truly fascinating.
welcome :)