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hey all, here is an astrology dating thingy, not sure how true these are but my sign ummm not so true horoscope dating signs
e.g my sign is Aquarius and it says

"are you willing to commit yourself to a relationship? You enjoy the friendship, but freedom is very important to you. You often avoid one-to-one emotional involvement and, when you do fall in love, you will expect friendship as well as passion. You will be very loyal and faithful—but you’ll still demand a great deal of freedom and will expect to be the dominant partner in the relationship"

umm ok so not true, completely opposite, so i dont know if i buy this or not

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hi there... im a libra not a scorpio, but i joined this community bc i have a question and was wondering if any of you could help:

i have a scorpio ex boyfriend who i was very much in love with. we broke up about 2 years ago, and to this day i still don't know his reasons for ending it. we never fought in all the time we were together and i was completely oblivious to there being anything wrong at all, but one day out of nowhere he told me he had never really been happy and didn't want anything to do with me anymore. a few months after he said that, (and a few months of him ignoring me completley), he contacted me again and said he never really meant it; that he had just wanted to make me hate him so i wouldnt be so hurt. he said he wanted to be friends and i was all for it. we started talking and spending time together, and for about a year i've considered him one of my best friends. now he's been hinting how he wants to get back together with me. i dont know if he actually means it or if he's just lonely and misses having someone to be intimate with. i'm taken now, but he doesn't seem to care, he told me he'd wait forever to be with the only person he wants.

can someone tell me what is going on here??
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Intro post....

I happened to discover this community today in a random wander around LJ, and I can't believe I never looked for such a comm before! So I just wanted to say hello, and share a few pieces of info about me. : )

I'm 30, was born on November 3rd, and I've always considered myself to be a pretty quintessential Scorpio. I'm a fandom and music geek, and I have a masters' degree in theatre. I will eat anything if it has chocolate on/in it, and 99% of my liquid intake is in the form of Diet Coke.

And currently, I'm very excited that Lost is back.
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this month feels miserable.. is it just me or all scorps???
i'm having probs with my bf.... i noticed that condoms were being used when i wasn't around.. i jumped the gun and assumed he was cheating because i had other doubts about him.. the important of our relationship and me as a prioritiy..
he said he uses them to self-pleasure
I don't believe that.
i don't think its common practice.
and most don't think it is either.
his excuse - easy clean up.. doesn't have a shower always available. but i don't buy it.. would you?

I asked a mutual friend - he said he would be suspicious.. but when he found out who it was.. he said your bf is just quirky that way.
just asking b/c i know how us scorps are!!!
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Awwww. Did someone get their wittle feelings hurt?



Too bad this thread is closed, because I could give this person a piece of a very dark and angry mind, right now (I'm angry at other people, but she'd make a very nice target).

Maybe you got dumped and stomped into the concrete and real estate because of your infantile spelling and silly propensity for Internet 'yelling'? Just a thought.

Then you've got these brain trust geniuses:


And even better:

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Is EVERYBODY jealous and afraid of us?!

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And this one? Man, I just want to hurt him.:
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